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Providing specialized HR service


Allison was an excellent partner to the management team, and highly organised. She is a strategic thinker, always looking to accomplish more than simply the task at hand but to think through the impact of everything she does. She is outstanding at building relationships across the organisation and across various business lines, and she was always an upbeat, positive influence on the office culture.”

Dale; Head of Investments, Canada

I was continuously impressed by Allison’s knowledge she brought to the team meetings and her dedication to remaining calm and focused during any staff mediation, enabling conflict resolution amongst them. Her ambition and drive for creating policies shows her commitment to positive improvement within the whole organization. While Allison's professional acumen was immensely valuable, she was also a wonderful sounding board for any offline issues we were wishing to discuss. Optimistic, engaging, and easy to get along with, Allison was a true joy to have in the department and fostered many positive relationships throughout the company. Without reservation, I would not hesitate to work with Allison again.”

Jennifer; Senior Controller

“Every so often in our career we have the privilege of meeting someone who has a positive impact on us both personally and professionally. One such person for me has been Allison Wilson. Allison's passion for personal well-being mixes fluidly with her HR knowledge and experience to offer a comprehensive (and optimistic) perspective on what might otherwise be viewed as challenging situations. She is one of those rare individuals with the ability to always remain calm no matter the circumstance, and is highly adept at being impartial yet supportive, compassionate yet professional. I trusted Allison as someone who I know will tell me what I need to hear, and not just what she thinks I want to hear. Allison's ability to listen to others is rivalled only by her ability to take all stakeholders' perspectives into account before offering guidance. Although seemingly soft-spoken, Allison's inner strength should never be underestimated.”

Lynn, CMO

“I worked with Allison for 4 years when she was our HR Director. I found her to be a very pleasant, professional, organized, and hard-working self starter who took on every responsibility with ease and enthusiasm. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Allison is a diplomatic, conscientious person who presents and communicates HR processes and procedures required of our management and staff exceptionally well. She is a positive productive professional with an inspiring team player attitude and would be a great asset to any company.”

Grace, Vice President, Sales, Broadcast and Direct Sales
L.L.; Marketing Executive

“Allison led a new HR function bringing great strategic and tactical solutions to our talent management. Whether it was transitioning us to a new performance management system, launching new training programs or spearheading our recruiting, Allison was our go to HR leader. Trusted by the staff, her peers and management, Allison brought strong professionalism coupled with an authentic empathy that helped elevate all our work.”

Khaled; Infrastructure Engineer

“I had the pleasure of working with Allison Wilson for my consulting needs and I cannot recommend her enough. Allison is not only patient and thorough in her work, but she also has a wealth of experience and knowledge in her field. I can confidently say that she is someone you can trust to handle your business needs with honesty and integrity. She is a true problem-solver and will work tirelessly to find the best solutions for your business. With Allison, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. I highly recommend her consulting services to anyone looking for a dedicated and reliable partner in their business journey.”

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