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Providing specialized HR service

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Allison Wilson | HR consulting

Meet Allison

With 20 years of experience, I provide HR consulting with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. My commitment comes from witnessing the key role HR holds by aligning the potential in people with business needs.

I help my clients solve opportunities and challenges related to the success and development of their people.


I help my clients mitigate risk by providing solutions, and options that will work best for the business, while keeping the happiness of their employees at the forefront. I approach this with a calm demeanour and a “roll-up my sleeves” attitude.


My experience over the last 20 years, encompasses various industries, including: 


  • Financial services

  • B2B (facilities operation)

  • Media

  • Consulting and agency style organizations

During my career I’ve had the experience of:


  • Building a human resources team and function from the ground-up.

  • Re-shaped the HR presence in organizations looking to update their model, making it more  effective for the leaders and employees.

  • Scaled HR systems and processes for growing businesses.

  • Supporting leaders in solving employee and team challenges by getting to the facts, and coming up with creative solutions.

  • Identifying areas of HR risk and providing trusted advice for a practical and fair solution.

  • Offering a trusted and safe outlet to your employees to resolve issues, concerns, and challenges. 

  • Providing guidance to leaders and people managers on how to have difficult conversations, address performance management concerns, and strategies to improve motivation and engagement across teams.

What business pains do I solve for my clients?

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  • Expertise at a lower cost compared to hiring a full-time resource. 

  • Reliable advice, and experienced talent, all for a customized and fixed-time or project length to meet your unique business needs. 

  • Trusted advice from an expert. 

  • Dedicated support without the long-term commitment.

  • Improved efficiencies- often a senior HR professional can achieve more in a shorter amount of time, ultimately creating higher impact, more value adds, and less cost for you.

Why choose fractional HR support?

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