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Providing specialized HR service

I help ensure that my client’s policies and procedures, as well as the communication and training around them, are up-to-date and in-compliance with applicable legislation. Maintaining full-some and current policies helps in mitigating risk for the organization and ensures that employees and leaders have the information they need to make informed decisions.

Compliance & Policy Development

Looking for ways to develop, challenge and grow your people? Investing in training and development is a key method to keeping top talent engaged and developing within the organization. Committing to the development of your people will help ensure they are reaching their full potential. When employees are using their skills to do what they love, and being challenged to live to their full potential, they often feel a sense of dedication to the organization. I help my clients identify the right employees to invest in and create plans for their continued growth and development.

Training & Development

Does your organization need support in building employee engagement? I help leaders determine what the issues are, how to build appropriate plans and initiatives to improve employee engagement and develop strategies for building trust with employees and creating a general sense of care of the success of the business.

Employee Engagement

Whether it is building a performance management plan from scratch, tweaking what you have in place, or determining a performance management strategy, I provide my clients with the leadership and support they require. I can coach leaders on how to have difficult conversations, and employees on how to improve performance and meet company and role expectations.

Performance Management

I provide a thoughtful approach to how the function of HR can support the overall business. My insight allows business leaders to make holistic decisions, keeping employee morale and well-being at the forefront. Including HR strategy in business decision-making, helps preserve the engagement and development of top talent.

HR Strategy

Culture not only affects how employees interact with each other but also how they interact with clients and customers. I support my clients by creating organizational culture initiatives and programs which drive employee engagement, development, and growth. The success of any organization is rooted in its employees, and they thrive when they feel valued, supported, and appreciated.

Organizational Culture

I support my clients in attracting top talent through recruitment initiatives and provide guidance and insight on how to identify and retain top talent. The war for talent is a growing concern for many companies.

I also provide creative solutions for retaining and keeping top talent engaged and thriving. An organization’s greatest asset are its people.

Talent Acquisition, Recruitment & Retention

If your organization is looking for a fun and engaging way to bring wellness into the workplace, I can help! Wellness initiatives demonstrate to employees that the company cares about their overall wellbeing, which can go a long way in improving company culture and employee performance. If employees feel taken care of, they have reduced stress and will often reflect that by improved job performance.

Wellness Programs


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